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Free Rental Analysis

At Mendocino Coast Property Management, we bring tenants and property owners together to ensure a successful leasing experience for all parties. Whether you’re putting your investment property on the rental market or looking for a place to call home, we can help. These are answers to the questions we get most frequently. If you have other questions, we hope you’ll contact us for help.

All of our fees are negotiable. We will evaluate your property and talk about your investment goals. Once we determine a scope of service that you’re comfortable with, we’ll talk about fees and costs.
Our marketing plans are strategic and targeted to highly qualified renters. We use newspapers, referrals and a lot of online advertising through our website and the websites renters are using to find properties. We have excellent relationships with local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce, and a lot of our tenant referrals come from those sources.
Our tenant screening process is unique because we require potential tenants to fill out an application before we show a property. Once an applicant finds a property, we begin the screening process. This includes verifying income, talking to present and previous landlords and running credit and criminal reports. We can usually process applications within seven days and we believe in taking our time to be thorough and detail oriented.
Pricing depends on the market as well as the location and condition of your home. We conduct a comparable market analysis to ensure your home is priced competitively and will bring you the maximum rental income.
  • Bad credit or no credit will be measured against the entire application. If a tenant has some credit problems, we look at the specific issue to determine whether it has a negative impact on the ability to rent a property.
  • Pets depend on the property and the owner. If the home is advertised as not allowing pets, this is non-negotiable. Service animals are not pets and tenants who require them will not be disqualified for that reason.
  • Our $40 application fee will not be processed until a tentative approval is in place and we are ready to run the credit and criminal reports. An application must be completed by anyone 18 years of age or older who will be living in the home.
  • None of the properties managed by Mendocino Coast Property Management are 215-friendly. We follow federal law when it comes to marijuana policy and require that our homes remain drug-free.